RUSA is a centrally sponsored, overarching holistic and comprehensive umbrella scheme for norm-based funding for the State Universities and Colleges to achieve the goals of expansion, equity and excellence with the aim of imparting relevant and value based education for improving employability. It attempts to impact the individual through a positive inculcation of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Thus, it is aimed at bringing higher education reforms through improvements in governance of institutions and academics.

UP has given its consent to participate in RUSA scheme [60% Central assistance and 40% State Share] with a focus on imparting quality through an innovative learning, environment, by infrastructural development strengthening, extending opportunities for the capacity building and professional development of faculty and producing skilled human resources who are employable and socially sensitive, responsible and dedicated citizens of the country. It also attempts to bring greater professional pride in terms of improving competencies for teaching and learning improving the skillsets to impart a conducive learning environment which is comparable to best global benchmarks.

  • Upgradation of existing Autonomous Colleges into Universities
  • Transformation of Colleges into cluster Universities
  • Infrastructure Grants for Universities.
  • New Model Colleges (General)
  • New Colleges (Professional)
  • Infrastructure Grants to Colleges
  • Upgradation in Research, Innovation and Quality
  • Initiative for fairness
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Faculty Improvement
  • Commercialization of Higher Education
  • Leadership Development of Educational Administrators
  • Institutional Reorganization and Reforms
  • Capacity Building and Preparedness, Data Collection and Scheme

There is a budget provision of Rs 3500.00 lakhs in the financial year 2016-17 to complete the incomplete creation of new faculties and creation of new faculties in the State Colleges. Special emphasis is also being given on expansion and strengthening of buildings of government colleges. For this, a budget provision of Rs.500.00 lakh has been set in the financial year 2016-17.