Sections & Cells

Following are the major works of Section-1:

  • Establishment of universities, Administrative Services Establishment Examination Admission.
  • Universities Act Statutes Ordinance and all related legislative work.
  • Work related to State Higher Education Council and General Council.
  • Establishment of University Investigation Commission and implementation of its recommendations.
  • Settlement of audit related problems of various related issues.
  • Announcement of Hon’ble Chief Minister on various related issues.
  • All settlement regarding Parliament/Legislative Assembly regarding various issues.
  • Establishment related work of officers/employees of central services.
  • All related work of affiliated universities of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University.

Budget and establishment belong to the Sanskrit Education section.

Major work of Section-2

  • Following work of affiliated non-government colleges from Meerut University, Rohilkhand University Bareilly, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra, Bundelkhand College Jhansi:
  • Establishment of new non-government colleges and up gradation.
  • Issues related to non-government college affiliation.
  • Temporary / permanent affiliation for additional new topics and faculty in existing undergraduate / postgraduate colleges.
  • Salary payments as a result of salary payments.
  • Settlement of irregularities of affiliated colleges and appointment of authorized controller.
  • Cases related to appointment/services of teaching/non-teaching staff.
  • Regionalization of non-governmental colleges.
  • Establishment of autonomous colleges.
  • Cases related to announcements of non-governmental colleges.
  • Cases for retirement benefits of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Regulatory of ad hoc spokespersons.
  • All the issues related to the policy.
  • Regulation of ad hoc spokespersons.
  • All issues related to the policy.
  • Under the area of All India Technical Education Council establishment of institutions operating managerial courses.
  • Pay-scale cases related to U.G.C. and pay-scale revision of teaching/non-teaching staff of non-governmental colleges.
  • Cases of parts of related organisations of non-governmental colleges.
  • Specification of fees and standards.
  • Case of parts of organizations related to non-government colleges.
  • Manual for Admission in Graduate/Post Graduate B.Ed. and Agriculture.
  • Implementation of three year course.
  • Related work of Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission.
  • Concerned case of related audit grievances of various subjects.
  • Announcement of Hon’ble Chief Minister on various subjects.
  • Information and question etc. of Parliament/Legislative related to various issues.

Major works of Section-3 are as follows:-

  • All work related to establishment of section.
  • Providing travel grant for conferences/ seminars held in foreign countries.
  • Providing fellowship to students going abroad.
  • All work related to protocol and all cases received from the protocol department.
  • National scholarship
  • Conference of senior administrative officials (coordination work).
    Coordination of the announcements of Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council / Assurances / Chief Minister and all the work related to Public Grievance Cases. National integration coordination of pending cases in the court, reservation related works and monitoring work in the services of scheduled castes / tribes / backward classes etc. Coordinating work of the deliberation committee and the Governor's announcements.

Proceedings on guidelines received regarding Right to Information Act-2005, coordination work of Human Rights Commission, proceedings on order received from Chief Minister Office/Parliamentary work during  Legislative Session, Co-ordination work of information received under Rule 301/115, co-ordination work of committees of Legislative Assembly/Legislative Council.
Preparation of information regarding the speech of Hon’ble Governor. Coordination work in relation to tree plantation

Major works of Section-4 are as below:

  • Budget of Universities, audit, land acquisition, development grant, approval of posts, student movement, Art and Craft College etc.
  • Co-ordination of all planned/non-planned/budget/plan/outlay related Higher Education, monitoring, review, finance commission, Public Account Committee, related co-ordination work.
  • Dayal Bagh Deemed University Agra.
  • Post creation / authenticity / location / salary discrepancy in universities.
  • Case of audit objections related to the various topics.
  • Announcements of Hon’ble Chief Minister on various issues.
  • All the issues related to the Parliament / Legislative Assembly related to the various subjects.

Major works of Section-5 are as below:

  • All service related cases/establishment work/budget of officers/employees of Higher Education Directorate.
  • All work related to establishment/budget of regional offices/camp office.
  • Work related to establishment of Government Colleges.
  • All matters relating to the services of principals / spokesmen / third / fourth grade employees of state colleges.
  • Construction work of building/maintenance work of State colleges.
  • Training work professors/principals/spokesperson.
  • Case of audit, objections related to the various topics.
  • Announcements of Hon’ble Chief Minister on various issues.
  • Information and queries etc. of Hon’ble Parliament/Legislative Assembly on various issues.

Following are the major works of Section-6:

  • Following related work of affiliated non-governmental colleges from Lucknow University, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University Ayodhya, Purvanchal University Jaunpur (Veer Bahadur University), Pandit Deen Dayal University Gorakhpur, Allahabad University, Prayagraj, Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur.
  • Establishment of new non-governmental colleges and their up-gradation.
  • Cases of affiliation of Non-Governmental Colleges.
  • Permanent/Temporary affiliation for additional subject and faculty in non-governmental colleges.
  • Permanent/temporary affiliation for salary payments.
  • Salary payment as per pay-scale.
  • Investigation of irregularities of cases related to colleges and appointment of authorized controller.
  • To declare specified and concerned colleges as minority group.
  • Appointment/services related cases to Teaching/Non-teaching staff.
  • Repatriation of Non-government College.
  • Establishment of autonomous colleges.
  • Creation of teaching/non-teaching posts.
  • Post related cases to non-government colleges.
  • Cases related to retirement benefits of teaching/non-teaching staff.
  • Organising of high level meeting related to creation of teaching/non-teaching staff in non
  • Budget/budget plan/schemes and maintenance grant of non-governmental colleges.
  • Matching share for approval of grant of colleges by University Grant Commission. To take non-governmental colleges on grant list.
  • Pensions related policy cases of teachers / non-teaching staff of non-government colleges.
  • Work of State University/non-government colleges pensioner welfare committee.
  • Revision of posts of Teaching/Non-teaching employees.
  • Cases of audit, related cases from various issues.
  • Work related from minority institutions.
  • Cases of audit related problems from specified issues.
  • Announcements of Hon’ble Chief Minister/information and queries etc. related to Parliament/Legislative Assembly regarding specified issues.
  • Grant to non-governmental colleges, opened in specific areas.