About the Department

In the age of Information Technology, the whole world is becoming a globalized village. These changing circumstances have created many challenges in front of human society. Even our society gets affected by these challenges. In the present scenario of globalization our Social and National values and beliefs in every field are being changed unprecedentedly. The impact of change on the traditional values and assumptions is on education and especially on higher education. Education is considered as investment in personality development and through the developed personality it is considered as cornerstone of the builders of Society and Nation. It is a universal fact that in this period of knowledge and globalization, the most decisive role in the creation of a powerful and well developed nation is of the education world. It is expected and inescapable for the fulfilment of these highlights that a high-quality social life can be created by teaching and training the youth of the society. Hence, In such a way the important role of higher education is clearly visible. It would not be irrelevant to accept that there are many adversities and limitations in this path, but the Higher Education Department's expectations for nation and society are increasing. The Higher Education Department is committed to meet these challenges and to fulfill the government's intention to make higher education unbiased.

Higher Education plays a vital and specific role in overall and planned development of the state. Higher education is needed to be developed in the light of the current requirements, future prospects and the social expectations. In present scenario, Higher Education is not limited only upto learning and transmission of information but also to the development of well-educated, well-cultured and illiterate intellectuals is also a major responsibility of higher education. Education is incomplete due to lack of development of healthy mentality like sense of equality, harmony, secularism, charity, nation building, social evils etc. among students and youngsters who are studying.

In this context, it has been universally accepted to give the paramount importance to the following points:-

  • Receiving and enhancing knowledge from the latest research results of higher education centres and institutions located in different parts of the world.
  • Providing guidance and leadership to the various aspects of human life, being satisfied with the latest knowledge.
  • Creating cultured and enlightened youth power by becoming a conductor of traditional ethical and characteristic qualities and values in the youth power leading up to intellectual development.
  • Trying to reduce social, economic and cultural imbalance with the help of modern science, assimilating values like fraternity, equality and social justice, creating awareness among the democratic institutions and creating a dedicated nation dedicated citizen.
  • Examining the assumptions and values required for the all-round development of the individual and society and the promotion and enrichment of the national character.

After the independence, Higher Education is developed and improvised with the rapid speed, which results in the enhancement of universities and colleges. Governance is an attempt to emphasize the qualitative development of educational institutions to ensure the balanced development of society and the mutual understanding between its various parts in changing environment, in order to achieve the best goal for nation building.

To implement these ideals, government is practising to facilitate education system in Higher Education Institutions of state with modern resources, along with, government is also focusing that students should be facilitated with business oriented education, so that highly educated youth category of the society could get self-dependent and could contribute in development and improvisation of country. At present, the government is paying special attention to the task of special appointments, appointment of qualified professors, building / extension, rich library, equipped laboratory and computerization of colleges. On the other hand, the principle of establishment of colleges in the areas which are under priority are being implemented on priority basis.