Administrative Work

  • Work related to administrative inspection of degree colleges.
  • Recommendation to appoint an authorized controller in the colleges.
  • To make available the answer of questions of Legislative Assembly/Council.
  • Inspection of degree colleges as a representative of Director (Higher Education) in Panel to start new subjects.
  • Completion of special works assigned by Government/ Director.
  • To give permission to the appointment on vacant posts of teaching and non-teaching staff in non-government degree colleges of their region.
  • To perform inspection related activities for giving clearance and give recommendation for opening up of degree colleges on the order of government.
  • Except the post of Bursar, librarian, deputy librarian, office superintendent and cataloguer, approval for appointment of class III and class IV employees.
  • To receive staff statement on specified date from all government degree colleges/non-governmental degree colleges of concerned region and to receive requisition of vacant posts from degree colleges and forward to the director.
  • To monitor, preparation of documents regarding pension of officers retiring from the degree colleges of concerned regions. To send the necessary documents six month before the retirement.
  • To forward report to government regarding whether the charge of spokespersons appointed at non-government colleges is handed over to him or not.

Development Statistics Related Work

  • To collect Statistical data from universities and degree colleges, to analyze them and then to forward it to the directorate.
  • To conduct social and economic surveys in context to Higher Education in the region.
  • Collecting and compiling information about academic activities of the degree colleges.
  • Monitoring of all above work time to time.
  • Review of building construction work of government colleges.

Financial Work

  • To investigate 80/75 percent submission of fee income by degree colleges and to collect pendency from such colleges which haven’t submitted it yet and to inform directorate regarding progress report.
  • Under The Uttar Pradesh Educational Institutions (Prevention of Dissipation of Assets) Act, 1974 to keep the record of degree colleges estates and to arrange for audit such records.
  • To forward audit report of the auditor to directorate along with recommendations.
  • To evaluate the loss occurred due to natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake etc. and recommend that to the Directorate for compensation grant.
  • To verify application form of colleges regarding various grant / non-recurring grants to directorate after testing.
  • To collect consumption certificate from colleges and to forward it to the directorate after verification.
  • To investigate the dedication of general provident fund under new pension scheme and their documentation.
  • Auditing of colleges.
  • To ensure the availability of inspection report with recommendation of the directorate at every 10th of next month.