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arw Regarding construction of one tubewell near Milani Park in University Campus and one tubewell in the premises of New Botany Campus. [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 14/03/2019
arw Sanction of grant for “Establishment of Center Of Excellence” in FY 2018-19 [366 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 13/03/2019
arw Sanction of funds for convening the seminars in state universities of Uttar Pradesh during financial year 2018-19. [953 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 01/02/2019
arw Regarding displaying of posters at various places released by U.G.C. for prohibiting ragging. [90 KB] Language :English Advertisements 20/09/2018
arw Regarding “The Uttar Pradesh Private Universities Act, 2018.” [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 20/09/2018
arw GO regarding implementation of Salary Amendment Scheme at Teachers and Equivalent Cadre level in Universities and Colleges of the State. [3 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 14/09/2018
arw Regarding partial amendment in provision of uncommon leave and making provision of Special Leave for teachers in First Pariniyamavali of Uttar Pradesh State Universities. [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 25/07/2018
arw Notice for setting guidelines for conducting Seminar/Workshop/Conference at Uttar Pradesh State Universities, Government and Non-Government Aided Colleges. [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 11/07/2018
arw Notice for organising free I.T./Software Training Course under Spoken Tutorial Project of I.T.I. Bombay. [592 KB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 20/06/2018
arw Office Memorandum regarding transfer of Lecturers/Principals/Officers. [1 MB] Language :Hindi Advertisements 25/05/2018
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