Sr No.Order No.Order DateOrder SubjectGovernment Category
1 संख्या-363/सत्तर-7-2019-बी0एड0(16)/2011 [1 MB] Language : Hindi 28/08/2019 Reassessment of Course Fee for B.Ed. Course Academic Session 2019-20 in Higher Educational Institutions of private sectors. General
2 संख्या-60/2019/1396/सत्तर-4-2019-3(19)/2012 [2 MB] Language : Hindi 26/08/2019 Financial approval for second phase building construction of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arabi-Farsi University, Lucknow. General
3 1474/सत्तर-5-2019-74(5)/2017 [1 MB] Language : Hindi 25/07/2019 Regarding sanctioning of amount for organizing Seminar/Workshop/Conference in State Government Colleges. General
4 संख्या-298/70-4-2010-46(74)/09 01/07/2019 Guidelines for organizing Seminar/Workshop/Conference in Uttar Pradesh State Universities and Colleges. General
5 600/सत्तर-1-2019-16(144)/201 Language : Hindi 01/07/2019 Regarding “Other Measure related Regulation, 2018 for regularizing of Minimum Qualification and Standards in Higher Education for appointment of Teachers and Other Teaching Staff in University Grant Commission, Universities and Colleges.” General
6 संख्या-22/2019/585/सत्तर-4-2019-1252/15 [1 MB] Language : Hindi 03/04/2019 Regarding approval of Non-Salary Payable Grant to Allahabad State University, Allahabad in Financial Year 2018-19 General
7 संख्या-24/2019/691/सत्तर-4-2019-1035/2018 [719 KB] Language : Hindi 03/04/2019 Corrigendum regarding order issued for sanction of amount for universities with the purpose of establishing Centre of Excellence in Financial Year 2018-19 General
8 संख्या-26/2019/610/सत्तर-4-2019-बी-11/2016 [1 MB] Language : Hindi 03/04/2019 Regarding approval of Non-Salary Payable Grant to Jananayak Chandrashekhar University, Ballia in Financial Year 2018-19. General
9 15/2019/575/सत्तर-4-2019-0(1)/05 टी.सी. [382 KB] Language : Hindi 29/03/2019 Acceptance of Non-Salary head payable grant to Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Prayagraj for FY 2018-19 General
10 16/2019/604/सत्तर-4-2019-बी-5/2016 [300 KB] Language : Hindi 29/03/2019 Financial sanction for construction of first phase of building of Allahabad State University, Prayagraj. General
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