Planning and Co-ordination

  • To prepare consolidated programmes in the sphere of higher education in the state keeping in view the overall priorities and perspective of higher education in the State and the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission and assist in their implementation;
  • To assist the University Grants Commission in respect of determination and maintenance of standards and suggest remedial action wherever necessary;
  • To prepare perspective plans for development of higher education in the State;
  • To submit to the State Government, if so required by it, the development programmes of Universities and colleges, along with its comments and recommendations;
  • To promote co-operation of institutions of higher education amongst themselves and explore the scope for interaction with industries and other related establishments;
  • To formulate norms and principles for starting new colleges and additional subjects and department in the existing colleges in accordance with the guidelines issued by the State Government and the University Grants Commission;
  • To suggest ways and means for augmenting additional resources for higher education in the State;
  • To co-ordinate research funding at national and international level for promotion of scientific research in the universities and Colleges.

Academic Functions

  • To encourage innovations in curriculum development, restructuring and updating of syllabi in Universities and colleges;
  • To co-ordinate the programmes of autonomous colleges and to monitor their implementation;
  • To devise methods and steps to improve the standards of examinations conducted by the Universities and autonomous colleges and to suggest necessary reforms;
  • To facilitate training of teachers in Universities and colleges and to oversee the functioning of the academic staff colleges through co-ordination and to encourage publication of quality text books, monographs and reference books etc.
  • To develop programmes for effective academic co-operation and interaction between the faculties in the Universities and colleges and to facilitate mobility of teachers and students in and outside the State;
  • To advise on regulating the admissions in the Universities and colleges;
  • To encourage sports, games, physical, education, cultural activities and other extra curricular activities in the Universities and colleges;
  • To encourage extension activities and to promote interaction between Universities and industries through effective consultancy in special areas relevant to the Universities and regional planning and development;
  • To prepare an overview report on the working of the Universities and colleges in the State and to furnish a copy thereof to the State Government and such other authorities as the State Government may specify
  • To identify Centres of Excellence in the Universities and provide national and international linking for the growth of science and technology in frontier areas;
  • To promote Institutions of Excellence within or outside the University in frontier areas of knowledge including molecular biology, genetic engineering aero-space biotechnology;
  • To set up a State Centre for Scientific Research and to co-ordinate the research activities among Universities;
  • To institute prestigious awards to outstanding scientists, academicians and technologists for their contributions;
  • To work in liaison with the University Grants Commission, All-India Council for Technical Education and other central agencies in relation to higher education.

Advisory Functions

  • To make suggestions to the State Government regarding the norms, if any relating to the establishment of new Universities and colleges;
  • To examine the laws relating to the Universities, the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of Universities in the State and suggest modifications wherever required to maintain uniformity in the administration without prejudice to the autonomy for the academic pursuits;
  • To identify and to administer innovative programmes for sustainable growth through self generating funds from services such as consultancy to industries, institutions and national and international organizations;
  • To advise the State Government or any University, college or institution of higher education on any other matter relating to higher education and research which they may refer to the Council;
  • To advise the State Government for starting new colleges and additional subjects and departments in the existing colleges.

Financial Functions

  • To release and monitor grants-in-aid to Universities and colleges for the purposes specified by the State Government;
  • To administer and regulate the Student Welfare Fund, National Scholarship, other scholarships, Travel Grants, Publication Grant and such other grants as may be specified by the State Government; and to sanction financial assistance therefrom;
  • To release and monitor research funds, if any, received by the Council from national and international funding agencies;
  • To advise the State Government on steps to make institutions self-sufficient and viable.

Other Functions

  • To publish history of freedom-fighters of Uttar Pradesh and the matter related thereto;
  • To perform such other functions necessary for promoting excellence in higher education and research as may be entrusted to it by the State Government from time to time.