In the field of Higher Education for quality accretion and to develop higher educational institutions as the best center, the Center of Excellence Scheme is being run by the Higher Education Department. This scheme is running in all State Universities. The main objective of this scheme is to develop the selected department/ departments of the universities in the form of Center of Excellence so that the department can develop and function in its best form. Under this, educational quality has to be established in the marked thrust areas so that the research findings / products can be used / consumed for the development of society and nation. To contact the discovery of new Generic areas, promotion and funding, research institutes in Universities etc. and to use the assistance received from it in research work of universities. After receiving excellence in the concerned department of the universities through the Center of Excellence Scheme, equipment / labs and ideas etc. in the field of research work, division will be utilized by the students / teachers of other universities. As well as guidance in the field of university excellence will also be received. This scheme will develop higher education institutions as a center of excellence.

Under the aforesaid scheme, the proposals received from the State Government and Universities are being examined by the Expert Panel constituted at the Council level. After that, the proposals are referred to the government for financial sanction.

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1. Guidelines for Centre of Excellence
Guidelines for Centre of Excellence | Size: 665KB | Lang : Hindi| Uploading Date: 29/07/2017

Details of proposals received/ recommended under Centre of Excellence Plan

S.No. Name of Panel Members Mobile Number
1  Prof. K.K. Agarwal
Geology Department
Lucknow University, Lucknow
2  Dr. Prem Bihari Khare
Chief Scientist
N.B.R.I, Lucknow
3 Dr.D.Kar Chaudhary
Chief Scientist
CSIR Indian Institute of Technology Reasearch, Gheru Campus, Lucknow
4 Prof. Kirti Sinha
Physics Department
Lucknow University, Lucknow
5 Dr. S.A Rizvi
Medieval and Modern History Department
Lucknow University, Lucknow
6 Prof. Balraj Chauhan
Former Vice Chancellor,
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow
7  Shri. Dalveer Singh, I.P.S
Deputy Inspector General, G.R.P., Lucknow
8 Dr. Ram Prakash Yadav, SO Prof.
National P.G. College, Beesalpur, Pilibhit
9 Dr. R. K. Chaturvedi
Additional Secretary / Coordinator
U.P. State Higher Education Council, Lucknow